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Scheduling a classroom training can be inconvenient for busy professionals. With online and blended courses, ProTrainings programs are available whenever you are, allowing you to pause and resume the training videos so you can come back later. Learn more

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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

As a client, you will be assigned your own personal training account manager who will work with you to help you plan your training. You will also receive your own admin dashboard where you can monitor and track training for all of your employees.

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Our students love the training they receive with ProTrainings. But don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials our students have given us. Learn more

Paula - Personal Trainer from Essex

“Good clear advice about administering First Aid. Very informative with helpful tips. I highly recommend.”

Genice - Dance Instructor from West Midlands

“Very good structured course which covered all the topics required. Would recommend to anyone in the sports field and in general as offers at a very reasonable price.”

Chantal - Carer from Cornwall

“I found the videos very helpful and explained each area so i understood it easily.”

Martin from Cheshire

“The presenter is highly effective, in that he is easy to listen to and the script is relevant and to the point.”

Dennis - table tennis coach from Lancashire

“It was presented in a calm and proffesional manner , great job .”

Anthony - Sports Therapist from Somerset

“This is a comprehensive and thorough first aid course which managed to cover so much more than some day courses I've been on and far cheaper. There is a strong sense of achievement as each section is tackled. It is clearly presented and very well supported by knowledgeable phone assistance. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain a first aid award.”

Dennis from Essex

“Very good with commonsense, so important in a potential emergency.”

neil from CA

“I found this online course to be very informative and very detailed just what I was looking for”

Natasha - care assistant from Northumberland

“I have learned a lot from the watching of these videos, they have given me the confidence to help in a situation of where first aid is required ”

Nick - Sports Massage from Buckinghamshire

“Concise training delivered very clearly.”

Dave from British Columbia

“Great course ....... Very informative course that I can add to my sport practice ”

Ross from Westyorkshire

“Good relaxed videos you can fit into your schedule with plenty of key points covered”

Ian from AVON

“Excellent ”

Emma from CA

“I have attended first aid courses before and feel I took more on board using this online approach, as I could go over parts more important or relevant to me”

Vanessa from CA

“Most comprehensive first aid course I have done. ”

Elizabeth - PERSONAL TRAINER from East Sussex

“A convenient and effective way of renewing my first aid certificate.”

Sean - Exercise Instructor from Greater London

“Super easy to understand and really helpful documents to help you along the way. Never had an issue with the video player either which is always a bonus!”

Melanie from CA

“Having a busy work schedule, doing the online learning with videos enabling me to save and return at my leisure is fantastic.”

Ian from CA

“Very informative and a useful addition to first aid training for sports coaches.”

Sarah - Fitness and dance instructor from South Yorkshire

“This course was a fantastic option when it was not possible to take a face to face course due to covid-19. Being able to move through at my own pace meant I maybe even took the information in better rather than doing it all in one day. There was many things on this course I’d never known before, mostly options you may need to take because the ‘correct’ equipment isn’t available, or the situation is Less than ideal. ”