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Scheduling a classroom training can be inconvenient for busy professionals. With online and blended courses, ProTrainings programs are available whenever you are, allowing you to pause and resume the training videos so you can come back later. Learn more

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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

As a client, you will be assigned your own personal training account manager who will work with you to help you plan your training. You will also receive your own admin dashboard where you can monitor and track training for all of your employees.

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Our students love the training they receive with ProTrainings. But don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials our students have given us. Learn more

Deborah from GreaterManchester

“Very useful course and lots of common sense. ”

Danny from Cheshire

“The videos were very informative and I was able to spread out my learning over a number of days to ensure I was fully focused throughout the course.”

Alan - Judo Coach from Antrim

“it was very clear and well laid out, I feel video use was a great tool for me as I felt I learnt more effectively”

Nick from Somerset

“I found the course very informative and allowed me to set my own pace. A good way of completing a first aid course.”

Natasha - Teacher from Lancashire

“The course is good and allows for the learning in your own time as well as a quick refresher, it means that as an individual on a full-time table I can learn when I'm available and not have to lose an entire day to keep up with my first aid. ”

Holly from Worcestershire

“I enjoyed the course and felt it was very informative and detailed. The structure made it easy to learn and come back when I had time with videos that were maximum 7 minutes long. ”

Vanessa from CA

“Most comprehensive first aid course I have done. ”

mark from lincolnshire

“I feel this course has been a great insight to first aid, very in depth in places but left me with a clear view of what is expected of me in first aid.”

Cindy from CA

“I have learnt so much more by watching this video and answering questions than I have done in the past on a practical first aid day course. This was brilliant. I feel so confident in administering first aid as and when needed.”

Philip - Company Director from Worcestershire

“I found this course, convenient easy to follow and very enjoyable. Thank you for making learning enjoyable and easy to follow. ”

Emile - Coach from London

“The course is excellent introduction to sports first aid covering fundamentals of first aid required for health and safety accidents in various situations. ”

Llyr from Hampshire

“Excellent set of training videos. Demanding exam. As good as any face-to-face training I have done.”

Rodney from DN

“Very good information and a worthwhile online resource.”

Nicola from LONDON

“Excellent and thorough course”

Alan from Aberdeenshire

“Fantastic online course covering all the key points required.”

Paula - Personal Trainer from Essex

“Good clear advice about administering First Aid. Very informative with helpful tips. I highly recommend.”

suzanne - Zumba Fitness Instructor from Buckinghamshire

“I thought the video's were presented very well. Things were repeated in later video's which reinforced what I had already learnt and made it easier to remember. The presenter spoke clearly and was easy to follow.”

Louise from Other (Non US)

“Brilliant course, studied in my own time and comfort of home, easy to understand videos and comprehensive knowledge was gained from the resources available as well”

Michael - Judo Coach from CA

“Brilliant course detail. Really enjoyed being able to go at my own pace and replay videos if needed. I have learned some really good tips, that I will implement when performing first aid.”

Natasha - Ice skating coach from England

“Very good on line informative course highly recommended. Thank you ”