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Heart Attack Care

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Heart Attack Care

Understanding Heart Attacks

Definition: A heart attack occurs when there is a partial or complete blockage of blood flow to the heart.

Cause: Reasons include heart deformities, issues with electrical pacemakers, or blockages due to cholesterol.

Symptoms: Varies based on blockage location, often causing severe pain and potential heart function impairment.

Immediate Care Steps

Prompt Action: Time is critical; immediate care can prevent worsening or progression to cardiac arrest.

Positioning: Guide the person into the W position, seated with legs raised, leaning against support to ease strain on the heart.

Avoid: Do not lay them flat with elevated legs as this increases blood flow around the heart, worsening the condition.

Administering Aspirin

Aspirin Use: Helps to thin blood and potentially alleviate blockage; give one 300-milligram tablet if available.

Administration: Instruct them to chew the tablet for quicker absorption rather than swallowing whole.

Consultation: Always verify with emergency services if aspirin is suitable based on the individual's medical history.

Communication: Use hands-free mode to talk to emergency services while attending to the patient.

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