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What are common sports injuries?

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As a paramedic, you are regularly called to sports injuries. Depending on what the sport, tends to depend on what the injury will be. Rugby, we tend to get a lot of head injuries, we get a lot of impact injuries, potential fractures, dislocations of the knee. Get the occasional scrum collapse, where you get neck injuries from the scrum collapsing. You have also got to remember that you got crowds at most sporting events, so you tend to get a spattering of crowd injuries as well. If we look at gymnastics, it tends to be strains and sprains and potential neck and back injuries from falls when they are actually performing. But you can go to a real broad spectrum. It all depends on what the sport involves and what equipment is involved in that and also at what level they are playing. Young people starting to learn sport do not tend to get the same injuries as people who are in full-contact, full-speed, adult contact sport. So dislocations, fractures, that sort of is quite common. But you also get your minor injuries like your strains and your sprains as well, so quite often it turns out to be not as bad as first thought.