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STAT Tourniquets

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Exploring STAT Tourniquets: Features and Usage

Introduction to STAT Tourniquets

The STAT Tourniquet represents a modern approach to limb compression, akin to a giant zip tie.

Variants Available

There are two versions of the STAT Tourniquet: the orange unit for actual use and the blue variant designated for training purposes.

Selection for Demonstration

For demonstration purposes, the blue variant is utilized to illustrate application techniques, emphasizing its unsuitability for real emergencies.

Application Process

Applying the STAT Tourniquet involves wrapping it securely around the limb and tightening it to achieve optimal pressure.

Pressure Adjustment

After initial tightening, further adjustment can be made to ensure effective compression, indicated by the bursting of a small bubble.

Time Monitoring

The tourniquet features markings to indicate the duration it has been applied, aiding medical responders. However, it's imperative to manually record the time of application.

Emergency Protocol

Following application, promptly contact emergency services and refrain from removing the tourniquet under any circumstances.

Adding Additional Tourniquets

If necessary, a second tourniquet can be applied to augment compression, enhancing hemorrhage control.

Application Techniques

In real-world scenarios, if possible, remove clothing obstructing direct skin contact for optimal effectiveness.

Direct Skin Application

When clothing removal isn't feasible, apply the tourniquet over clothing, ensuring it's positioned properly to avoid constriction.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit three LO3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4