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The BOC Cylinder

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BOC Oxygen Cylinder Overview


In this section, we'll briefly examine the BOC Oxygen cylinder, comparing it to the SOS version to highlight similarities.

Main Features

The BOC Oxygen cylinder serves as the primary source of oxygen, akin to the SOS version.

Visual Comparison

While similar in function, the BOC cylinder differs slightly in appearance:

  • Cylinder Design: Resembles the SOS version, featuring a collar instead of stickers with barcode indications.
  • Front Gauge: Presents similar indicators and controls.
  • Refill Point: Located beneath the cover, allowing access for tank refilling.
  • Main Switch: Positioned at one end, requiring activation to prime the regulator.
  • Constant Flow Outlet: Located at the back for oxygen distribution.
  • Flow Rate Control: Adjusted via a knob on the top, enabling users to set their preferred flow rate.


The BOC Oxygen cylinder closely resembles the SOS version, offering a similar product experience. Regardless of the brand, both cylinders provide oxygen delivery of up to 15 litres per minute.