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Trauma bleed kit pouches

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Now, this is one of the trauma bleed kits that we manufacture. There are lots of different types of them, but it just is easier to show you this one. So what we have got in here is that simple, easy pouch that can be used in any mass casualty situation or single casualty situation. We can provide these pouches sealed up. They will get a little Ziploc seal on them. But also we can heat seal the top as well if you want to make sure that no one tampers with them without being very, very obvious. And also, we can put the date on the back here of what the date of the product that needs replacing.

Then the advantage of these resealable pouches over things like vacuum pack pouches is when you maybe get the date expires of one of these products, then this is just thrown away. Whereas with these kits, you can just top up the bit you need. So if your trauma dressing is out of date, you can top that up and then just change the date on the packet. Or if your haemostat needs changing, then you can change that. So it does mean you are not throwing away something that does not actually have a date on. And as long as it is not damaged or has been used or anything, then it is perfectly good.

So this is a basic trauma kit. There are lots of versions of this that we do. This is using Celox standard gauze but you could use any other substance here. But you could use wound clots or QuikClot or any of the other products out there. This is a standard medium trauma dressing. We can make these with larger dressings and also has the gloves in because you obviously need to use gloves when you are doing something like this. So these kits are something which, it's a good idea to have them in locations, sorts of things you might find in an AED cabinet or in the community. Because people going to the AED cabinets or community cabinet, then you can also put the bleed kit there as well. But also these could be anywhere out in public, or you can put lots of these in certain areas.

So if you have a response truck, you might have 10 of these so that if you end up in a mass casualty situation, you can literally just give a pack of these to anyone who is treated and you can get help, verbally talk to them about how to deal with stuff. Also, things like shopping centres, you might find multiple levels of these there on a trolley so that people can very quickly and easily access the bleed kits where they are needed. So if there was a terrorist incident or a bomb blast or something like that, you could have 10, 20 or 30 or so of these kits available quickly on-site where it matters. If you are interested in more information about these kits, let us know. And also with these, we can actually personalise them. So as long as you buy in quantities for your company, then we can personalise them and have other information or put exactly the equipment that you want inside them.

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